Monday, 4 July 2011

Two new songs, and holy crap theres an album there.

New Songs: Till The End Of Time and Better Dreams

So, yeah. There's now an albums worth of content that you can listen to in full and download from my Last.FM page. I'll update the Soundcloud at a later date.

As I said before, it's far from finished and it will be a while before I consider it finished properly but it will definitely be worth it once It's done. You can go ahead and listen to all of it now but some of it is very rough around the edges. If you don't mind then that's cool with me.

It's pretty cool to listen back to it as a whole and realize that I did it all flying solo. Definitely something I'm quite proud of. I like pretty much all of the tracks too. There isn't a track where I think that a song could benefit from more writing or being stripped back to be more simplistic. As they are they're all pretty good. Just need a bit of polish.

I remember that I said that song Number 12 would stay off the album. Well truth is song Number 12 doesn't appear on this album but there are 12 songs there. That's because song 11 is a totally new song and number 12 was the intended 11th song.

It's a bonus track and I have no idea if bonus tracks count or not. It ended up being a bonus track because I didn't like it as much as the other song and it sounds a bit too much like "Where It Starts And Where We Are" for my liking but I like the lyrics and melody enough to not scrap it completely.

So what about the 11th addition then? well I wanted to do something simple with the acoustic guitar. I had this little melody that I've been playing over and over and not knowing what to do with and I finally found an effective way to use it. I really like the way this builds up and I really like the piano on the track too. I didn't intend to include strings and piano, in fact I wanted to keep it as simple as it can get with just the guitar and me singing but then I decided to make it a bit more interesting by adding more in and it worked out great.

and uh, yeah, that makes love song number 2. my apologies.

So, now comes the quite daunting task of going through the songs with a fine tooth comb. some I may even re-record in their entirety. It will be a long process with probably a lot of frustrations along the way but it will make the album just that bit better.

Until next time

- Dex01

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